How Do I Donate My Body to Science?

Did you know that you can donate your body to science? If you wish to do so, it is important that you set those desires out in advance in an anatomized gift declaration or other planning document that is provided by the agency you wish to favor.Donating your body to a medical school is a great way to help advance the field of medical sciences. Medical students and researchers use donated bodies to learn and make new discoveries. Your donation could help cure a common disease or simply allow a medical student to prepare for his or her career.

You can leave special instructions in an anatomized gift declaration as to where you want your body donated or you can allow your personal representative to choose. It is best, however, to speak with a medical institution before you pass away. You can even make arrangements with them before hand. Doing so will save your personal representative the hassle of finding a way to carry out your wishes.

Planning ahead will also ensure that your family members will follow through on your plans. If you intend to donate your body to science, speak with your loved ones first. By explaining your reasons, they may have an easier time coming to terms with your decision.

So how does it work? The medical institution will use your remains for up to a year. After that time they will cremate or bury your body. They may even scatter your ashes in a pre-determined location. If your family wishes, they may have your remains returned to them for burial or ash scattering.

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