The Pros and Cons of Online Wills

A will is an essential document which ensures that after your death your belongings, property, funds and other assets are properly distributed among your loved ones. Most people are aware of the will they need to make before their demise, but still, current statistics reveal that less than 50% of people take initiative to work on their will before they ‘leave’ this world. The good thing is that is making a will can be less complicated nowadays.

For those who think that it is tiresome to make all the arrangements to write a will there is the option to take the online will writing route. Currently, there are many companies which can prepare online wills for you. Getting your will online can provide you with a convenient and speedy way of getting your it written up.

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You need to take care though, as a will is a very important legal document, so must look at what you might be getting from a particular online will service. So look closely at the terms and conditions of the wills service offer, the company’s pedigree, its reputation and the level of customer service on offer. There are many ‘cons ‘ which undermine the use of online wills:

People who do not possess a large estate can use this type of service but for large and complex estates it is not well suited. Go see a lawyer instead.
There is no test of the mental capacity of the owner. A lawyer can judge that the person who is giving instructions has a question mark over their mental capacity, but that cannot be done online.
Most online wills offer no help if you make a mistake and you will get back exactly what you put in – there is no oversight from anyone.
Some online services give no guarantee of any sort about the product not even that it is valid in your jurisdiction.

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