Making Changes to Your Will

If you have already written out a will and had it legally validated by the court of law, but would like to make some changes to the contents, then worry not, because yes, it is still possible.

You should read through your whole will carefully before signing it. However, mistakes cannot always be avoided, especially spelling or typing mistakes, so speak up if you feel that there is something wrong with your will, or if you might want to make some changes because of these mistakes or there are just certain things you want to add to your will.

The changes made to an existing will are called “codicils.” Because it is important that proper and carefully chosen wording and formatting be used when writing out a will, then you should not make any handwritten additions or changes to the original document. You should make the changes in a separate page, while referring to the original will, and it should be done in the same format and still abiding by the formalities and legalities required in writing a will.

The changes should of course coincide with the original and should be kept simple and easy to understand. It is difficult and more complicated if the changes are not really simple. If this is the case, then it is actually better to start from the beginning and write the whole thing over again. This can prevent any confusion, so it is also better to just get rid of or destroy the original document.

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