When Nature Gives Us Back The Long Needed Energy

Nature gives us so much more than just fresh air and pretty flowers to look at. It gives us a chance to realize who we are and most how small most of our problems actually are when looking at them from another perspective. In nature, we can relax, get room to breathe, catch some sun and vitamin D, and we can take the silence as an opportunity to be silent inside of ourselves.

Letting all the stressful thoughts from work, family, your partner, go. Trying to remember what is important in life and think of what we would like to have more in our daily life. Laugh more? Giving ourselves time outs to breathe deeply, calm our thoughts and recharge? Spending more time with family and friends and feel the love?

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A Retreat is the perfect way to recharge your batteries. Enjoy a stay in the mountains, with fresh clear air to breathe every day, go hiking, spend a day at a mountain lake, eat well and healthy, sleep a lot and deeply and just relax. You will realize how tired you might be from all the stressful weeks at work and you in combination with the fresh air, you will even feel more like sleeping a lot. That’s fine because we can recover through sleep and it improves our health.

When being outside you also get a chance to move. Not matter if you like to go hiking, do a bike tour, go skiing in winter or enjoy a long walk in the snow, it will make you feel better and it clears your mind.

There are several places all over the world that are just perfect when it comes to relaxing and recharging in the mountains. One of them is certainly Austria. They have beautiful mountains, great hotels, friendly staff and amazing food. You will also find Retreat Hotels as the “Hotel Goldener Berg” in Oberlech which puts a focus on health food, relaxing and also gives the chance to move as much as possible outside. The view is just gorgeous and you will feel relaxed once you arrive at this place.

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